1xbet体育首页的专业主题 of 航空航天, 国防与安全, 能源与可持续发展, 环境与农业食品, 制造及材料, 运输系统 and 水 mean we can tackle global problems from initial prototyping to late stage research and development.

Our people are practitioners as well as academics, and passionate about knowledge transfer. Our expertise has been built up over 70 years of close integration with industry - a knowledge and expertise pool that is available for your organisation to use. We pride ourselves on being flexible and entrepreneurial and have the capability to take a project from concept through to practical delivery.

With our links with government departments and many of the largest and most successful global businesses, 包括空中客车, 捷豹路虎, 劳斯莱斯, 联合利华, the UK Civil Aviation Authority and Yorkshire 水 amongst many others, we have the knowledge and experience to help you develop your business using our expertise.


Our research is relevant and is informed by our leading thinking. We work in close collaboration with many organisations to turn ideas and innovation into reality. By doing just that, we transform people, organisations and the world. 以下是一些例子:

  • X-ray technology is central to maintaining security at airports - we are involved in a commercial programme, 通过一家名为Halo的公司, 彻底改变安全, developing a technique to identify what a substance is made of when it’s being scanned;
  • We worked closely with 劳斯莱斯 to develop a ceramic lining on its turbine blades, 减少CO总量2 emissions from fuel use by 8,000 tonnes/engine over its lifetime;
  • Our scientists proved that the shelf life of fruit could be extended without loss of nutrition or taste, leading to the commercial introduction of new packaging which halves supermarket waste;
  • We were instrumental in developing a reverse logistics toolkit to enable companies in the retail sector to better manage the flow of surplus or unwanted products returned by customers - Halfords, Britain’s biggest cycling and motoring retailer, was able to reduce its returns by 40% as a result.

We offer bespoke and customised options for your business, contact our 业务接触 Team 讨论你的需求.

1xbet体育平台 staff are great people to work with as partners for industrial R&D项目. 他们有商业意识, they’re flexible in their approach and, 最重要的是, they deliver - on time and in full.

Mark Berry, Senior 研究 and Development Manager