克兰菲尔德 supports investors keen to exploit our ideas and technologies through formation of spin-out companies by our staff and students.

We can also support the formation of a start-up company if your research requires external investment to make it commercially viable. 1xbet体育首页创业孵化设施 你可以访问.

If you are in need of a new technology or require research to solve a business-critical issue, 请保持联系.


Loxham Precision Limited span out from 1xbet体育平台’s Precision Engineering Institute in July of 2011. 它提供精密工程机械和服务, based on research performed at 克兰菲尔德 in the EPSRC funded Ultra Precision Centres. The company manufactures next generation ultra-precision machines and motion systems. Its products are compact, low energy demanding, fully recyclable and easily automated.

Lead academics: Paul Shore and Paul Morantz are both now at the National Physical Laboratory; Pat McKeown OBE FREng who established the 克兰菲尔德 Unit for Precision Engineering and Euspen.

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HXT was established in 2012 by 1xbet体育平台 and Nottingham Trent University to commercialise patented X-ray diffraction technology, 基于基思·罗杰斯教授进行的开创性研究, 克兰菲尔德法医研究所所长保罗·埃文斯教授, 诺丁汉特伦特大学成像科学小组负责人. 该公司最初的产品, 航空旅客行李HXT264安检系统, has been successfully trialled at airports and will achieve full certification in the next 12 months. The company is based in dedicated premises at Castle Park, Nottingham, currently with 12 employees.

迄今为止,HXT已获得超过1英镑的担保.5m in investment from venture capital firm Midven, supported by the UK Government Futures Fund.

In April 2019 the US Department of 首页land Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T)奖励1美元,656,206 to HXT to develop and implement an automatic threat resolution system for use with X-ray imaging of carry-on and checked baggage.

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学术联系人:Keith Rogers教授.


Bedfordshire-based MIP诊断有限公司 develops and markets in-vitro diagnostic devices based on molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs). 这门生意发展出了一种新花样, proprietary design and development process to make nanoMIPs; nanostructured polymer particles typically containing a single binding site for the target of choice. NanoMIPs可能是IVD领域中一种可行的抗体替代品, 提供高性能, 具有坚固可靠的特点, 道德的供应.

The company was originally founded in 2015 as a spin-out from both the University of Leicester and 克兰菲尔德 to commercialise the ground-breaking advancements in nanoMIP technology from Professor Sergei Piletsky’s research team, 包括安东尼奥·格雷罗.

2015年成立至今, MIP Diagnostics已经筹集了超过700万英镑的投资, 其中包括2020年7月的500万英镑融资, 扩大商业经营和生产, 加速IVD行业的增长. 共同投资来自Mercia资产管理公司, a founding investor and the largest shareholder in the company and was led by Downing Ventures (£1.400万英镑)、BGF(200万英镑)和Calculus Capital.

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Spun out by 1xbet体育平台 PhD student Siobhan Gardiner and MSc students Edward Anastassacos and Robin Gojon in 2016, HEROTECH8 delivers connected drone-in-a-box technology to support round-the-clock automated drone operations. 该解决方案使行业能够自动部署, 回收和充电无人机不需要操作员在现场. The company has successfully raised funds from Australian fund Artesian Capital, 荷兰VC芬奇, 并参与了Brinc和Berkeley Skydeck加速器项目. It is currently in a revenue stage and is raising a large Series A injection. HEROTECH8 has six full-time staff and is poised for rapid growth in the next two years.

该公司位于克兰菲尔德的孵化器, 克兰菲尔德鹰实验室.

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CorrosionRADAR (CR) designs and supplies long-range corrosion under insulation (CUI) monitoring technology for pipelines, 炼油厂等. The patented system enables the move away from manual inspections to automated monitoring, 从反应性腐蚀管理到预见性腐蚀管理.

The business was spun out in 2017 from 1xbet体育平台 by an international team of scientists and business professionals, including Dr Prafull Sharma (克兰菲尔德 PhD student) and Professor Hoi Yeung (克兰菲尔德 academic), 最初的技术是谁开发的, 首席运营官Mehrdad Silatani博士, 首席执行官Chiraz Ennaceur博士. 公司在未来商务中心设有办事处, 剑桥大学和1xbet体育平台的孵化设施.

CR已获得四轮投资, 总计近400万英镑, 从麦西亚基金管理公司筹集, 使用 MEIF概念证明 & 早期基金, the company Founders and Series A investment in 2021 from Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures (SAEV), 2020年12月担保. The funding will enable CR to strengthen its operations and widen efforts to address corrosion under insulation (CUI) and other operational challenges through digitalisation. CR目前有12名员工,目前正在招聘.

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百利科技有限公司 was established in 2017 to commercialise its patented platform technology that combines flow chemistry with the power of computing and precision engineering to develop and manufacture flow chemical production systems. Since then they have secured commercial development funding from an angel investor, 并开发了藻类生产的初步解决方案, 并正在探索RNA合成.

该公司位于1xbet体育平台的专用场地, 有开发实验室和试产生产线.

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首席执行官:Harris Makatsoris教授
联系人: info@centillion-tech.com


WAAM3D有限公司 was incorporated in 2018 to commercialise metal additive manufacturing technology – WAAM (W愤怒Based Additive Manufacturing) – developed at 1xbet体育平台 by a team led by Professor Stewart Williams (CTO), 包括Filomeno Martina博士(首席执行官)和Jialuo Ding博士(首席执行官). 该公司现在位于Integra公园, 米尔顿凯恩斯的林福德森林, 已经从克兰菲尔德雄鹰实验室孵化器中走出来了, 员工15人. 这家公司第一年的销售额就达到了几百万英镑, 并将于2021年年中向更广泛的市场推出初始产品, 与生产, 以米尔顿凯恩斯为基础的研究和示范系统.

In December 2019 Series A investment was received from Accuron Technologies Ltd, an international engineering and technology group headquartered in Singapore.

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学术联系人:Stewart Williams教授、丁嘉洛博士.


新星科技有限公司于2020年3月成立. 由Clive Candler先生创立的高科技创新公司, 前梅赛德斯大奖赛高管, it has secured substantial initial investment and licensed a technology portfolio from 克兰菲尔德 based on laser and range resolved interferometry and pushes fibre optic measurements to sub-nanostrain performances at MHz bandwidth. 公司总部设在哈维尔校区, south of Oxford with a technical team of 18 staff and its initial product will be ready for market launch in mid 2021, 基于专有和完全专利的干涉测量技术.

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