Fast and reliable, accessible from anywhere

We offer high speed networking and wireless connectivity, providing you with access to a wealth of online services including our virtual learning environments, 图书馆资源, secure file store and university email.

Our 信息技术服务 are accessible from both on and off campus 24 hours a day, 一周7天, giving you the flexibility to work whenever and wherever you prefer. If you live in campus accommodation, you will be able to connect to the campus network within your room.


Carry out simulations on our industrial-grade facilities (based on Linux) using applications from leading software developers, as well as developing and testing your own. Our 研究 Computing Team will be there to support you, if you need them.


Access some of the world’s best commercially-relevant software, 包括有限元分析, 有限元分析软件, CATIA and MSC Nastran and Patran, used in industry to solve real-world problems. Matlab, SPSS and Nvivo are also available and you can install many of these packages on your own devices. Whilst you are one of our students, you can also receive up to five free copies of the latest Microsoft Office suite via Office 365 to install on both PCs and MACs, as well as five copies for tablets and smartphones.


Whatever your current level of knowledge, 1xbet体育首页可以帮忙 you to improve your use of a wide range of software packages, 从微软, SPSS和Matlab, to our specialist engineering applications. We are also an Approved Test Centre for ICDL, the 国际 Certification of Digital Literacy.

So whether you are interested in improving your employability, or just meeting the requirements of your course, our professionally qualified trainers can help. They offer a comprehensive range of online courses and classroom-based workshops, which can be customised to meet the needs of particular groups.


鼓励成功, challenging working relationships with fellow students, colleagues and industry partners is core to the 克兰菲尔德 experience. In addition to web conferencing facilities we provide technology enabled study spaces to support group working and sharing ideas.


如果你需要建议或帮助, we offer a dedicated IT service desk as your first point of contact either online, 通过电话, 通过电子邮件或当面, 工作日上午8点至晚上8点. We are there to provide assistance and advice across the whole range of 信息技术服务 available, including helping you to connect and use your own devices.

Take a virtual 360° tour of one of our PC suites below.